kisses for love

Choose Each Other

Like most relationships, ours has experienced some very tough chapters. There were times we didn’t think we’d make it together, times we wanted to call … Read more

daughter's first festival

Daughter’s First Festival

I recently told the tale of our epic family road trip (see 10 Day Quest in the Southwest), to which an exciting new chapter was … Read more

Dressed for work

I’m Glad I Got Shot

(Warning: Several images of gunshot wounds are depicted in this article) With the world going crazy and everyone forced into solitude, it’s a good time … Read more

Discussing Desire

Discussing Sexual Desire With Your Partner

Join us as we explore opening communication on desire

Individually packed days

Packing Hacking

A few ideas to consolidate packing for your next trip

open relationship podcast

Podcast: Relationships, Romance, and Propaganda

Join us as we discuss our open-marriage in our first podcast interview

the face of innocence

Her First Lie

One of the best parts of being a parent is observing the innocence of my special little human. She’s four and a half, honest to … Read more

A Marble Earned

A Marble Idea: Alternative Allowance

Life is good, we’re not rich, but we’re not poor. We’ve established a comfortable middle class living and are able to afford things for our … Read more

Zion Vacation

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”-Muriel Strode With only days to spare … Read more