daughter's first festival

Daughter’s First Festival

I recently told the tale of our epic family road trip (see 10 Day Quest in the Southwest), to which an exciting new chapter was … Read more

the face of innocence

Her First Lie

One of the best parts of being a parent is observing the innocence of my special little human. She’s four and a half, honest to … Read more

A Marble Earned

A Marble Idea: Alternative Allowance

Life is good, we’re not rich, but we’re not poor. We’ve established a comfortable middle class living and are able to afford things for our … Read more

Releasing Control: Let Their Imagination Run Wild

Peanut had a Valentine’s Day shoe box assignment from school and she wanted to build a card munching robot. This was an incredible experience and … Read more

Troll Hunting: A Rewarding Hike for Kids

My daughter has been on a Trolls kick lately, running through the house pretending to be Poppy, escaping the clutches of the cruel Bergen Chef … Read more

Afraid of the Dark

Bryn was going through a phase where she was afraid of the dark. She had never been afraid of it until kids at school told … Read more