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A Lifestyle Interview with Kitty Chambliss from “Loving Without Boundaries”

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WARNING: The podcast contains explicit content and is intended for a mature listening audience only


We are so honored to have had the privilege to speak with none other than Kitty Chambliss, creator of the amazing site Loving Without Boundaries. Kitty hosts a very successful lifestyle podcast, is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, relationship coach, keynote speaker, as well as a polyamorous and sex-positive advocate. We could go on and on raving about her accomplishments and successes but we recommend you head to her site and take a gander for yourself! Doing an open marriage testimony with Kitty was an amazing experience and we’re deeply appreciative of all she does.

Loving Without Boundaries is a site we wish we had found much sooner in our ethical non-monogamy endeavors. So many of the questions and issues we encountered through our experiences are discussed here. People just like us giving insight into their relationships and experts in the field covering every topic you can think of. Reading through her list of insanely intelligent, gifted, and talented guests, we were humbled to spend some time talking with her and sharing our perspective. Kitty has taken the time to create a glossary of terms to help people better understand the intricacies of this relationship dynamic. Having those tools at your fingertips promotes clear communication with your partner and gives language and understanding to those unfamiliar, we recommend anyone interested in this lifestyle take a read through the vocabulary.

We dove into our open marriage testimony with Kitty and discussed some new issues as well as expanded on topics we’ve previously talked about. We even spoke on a few subjects that we’ve kept private for years. We always have to do a “gut check” when we engage in podcast interviews like this. To make sure we are ready to open our relationship to more judgment and scrutiny takes a certain amount of resolve in our confidence and what we represent. These interviews are on-the-fly and we don’t ever prep responses or questions. We trust each other completely to speak our own truths and know that we are always on the same page. It’s a fun exercise for our relationship to engage in this sort of unrehearsed dialogue so publicly. We do it because we believe the road we’ve traveled is one many others are traveling as well. Our intention is to talk openly about the things in our relationship that many others relate to but keep hidden in the closet. We hope to identify with the many of you walking a similar path, to show that we have encountered many of the same problems and obstacles on our way, and the methods and principles we’ve used to overcome them.

You can find Kitty on Instagram at @lovingwithoutboundaries and on Facebook at Kitty Chambliss. She’s an incredible person and we’re so happy to call her a friend. Her site is a wealth of knowledge and the ultimate resource for anyone interested in opening their relationship to knew ideas and possibilities.

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