A Day Off: Quality Time Together

Ever looked at your partner and thought, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to have no responsibilities for an entire day, to just lie in bed and enjoy each other’s company?” To set work aside, no making plans, no checking schedules, no talk of the future, just enjoying each moment in that moment for the gift that it is. Not to have any kids, family, or friends to take care of. But rather set aside all your daily responsibilities so you can just be present soaking up all that quality time together.

Well, we did it, and it was time well spent! We unplugged from our phones and internet, we cleared our schedule, and chose to forget about daily stressors and instead focused on being with one another all day. This photo is the only one we took and simply to serve as a memory of this amazing day. Even taking pictures can become tedious or distract from a moment.

We stayed in our bedroom with only a few brief intermissions all day long. We laughed, cried, told stories, reminisced on our journey through life, dove deep into our spirituality, touched each other’s tingly parts, ate snacks, listened to music, wore robes, had dance parties, got weird, snuggled, had mind blowing sex, massaged, professed our love, tickled, practiced tantra, kissed, stretched, and filled our hearts with gratitude for all that we have. Suffice it to say, it was one of the best mini vacations we’ve ever had and we did it right in our own home. All we needed was each other.

The mind is incredible and the power of thought equally amazing. We can literally make ourselves sick, cause inflammation in our bodies, increase our heart rate, etc. through the power of thought. Worry and stress can be our worst enemies and they are counterproductive to inner peace. If that’s the case, then the opposite must also ring true. Positive thought, introspection, and gratitude move our bodies towards peace and healing. We gave our minds a rest from stress and worry and flooded our thoughts with love and gratitude and it felt REALLY good.

Set aside some quality time, whether alone or with your partner. Plan a day where you accept nothing in your schedule will get done, and just be present. We fool ourselves into thinking we need to go on a lavish vacation to unwind and decompress. Ironically, vacations can often induce even more stress depending on what’s on the itinerary. You don’t need to spend a dollar to achieve a mental reprieve though; you can do it right from your own home with the right mindset. It takes making this an intention; nobody will clear the schedule or plan a day like this for you. Treat yourself to a day off with your favorite person. Prep your snacks, get a sitter, and don’t go anywhere! Just focus on each other, do some soul searching in your own mind, find your peace and you won’t regret it.

 Every day I think, “There’s no way I can love this woman more than I do”, and every day I find myself loving her more than the last.

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